Are you looking to spend time in the beach and engage in some water sports? Or do you just want some time to relax and develop a tan? Do you want to bring your family to the sea in a place where there is also a great culture? Then you are looking for a holiday in Portugal where the best place to be is in Algarve.


Algarve is on the southern side of Portugal. It is a perfect place for vacation because it is really designed as a tourist haven and thrives on tourist attention. If you are in Algarve, you will find that it is not a crowded tourist place. There are many resorts, cabanas comporta, beaches, and theme parks. This means that the whole family can enjoy. It is not crowded nor is it hot there.


Algarve has beaten many popular tourist destinations. It has the perfect climate for holidays which range from 15 to 28 degree Celsius, which makes it neither too hot nor too cold.


Most accommodation in Algarve is situated around the beaches, but if you don't want to stay by the beach, you can rent a villa for your family. Hotels cater to tight shoestring budgets but there are also luxurious hotels around.


Getting a villa, apartment, or resort might be the best experience while in Algarve. Herdade da comporta are common in every country, but villas or resorts are more exclusive to Portugal and the experience of your Portugal holiday.


The beautiful capital of Algarve is Faro which has a lot of sights and activities there. There are historic architecture there too. The highlight of Faro is the Nossa Senhora de Carmo church which has the most eminent religious icons of the region.


One of the best places to visit if you are the adventurous type or have children is the sand stoned west coast. Here there are many natural grottos, caves, and other unique landscape for you to explore. There are breathtaking views like the changing colors during the sunset. This is truly one unique experience.


During your Portugal holidays you can go to several family attractions and other attractions like the Zoo, which is the most common here. There is the Zoo Marine and the Lagos Zoo. In the Zoo Marine there is both a water park and a marine zoo. There are also lions and dolphins within the zoo.



The Algarve is only 3 to 4 hours from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. If you want to go to Lisbon you can go there by train and spend a day there. The train ride will make you see some of the most beautiful scenery of hills and valleys. But even if you don't visit Lisbon, Algarve alone would be one fine destination to choose for your Portugal holiday.